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1984-1994 studies at Tallinn Art University and Kassel University


2011 Ceramist of the Year, Estonia
2004 EuCeCo Athens, Greece, SILVER MEDAL
2003 Prize de Caroque, Prize of the Ceramics Association Switzerland
1998 The Second Biennal of Ceramics, Monterrey, Mexico,Grand Prix
1997 Fletcher Challenge Award, Auckland, NZ, Merit Award
1997 The 5-th Triennal of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia,Grand Prix

  • Invitational Exhibitions

2014 Horse-teapot exhibition in Shanghai
2012 Dragon-teapot exhibition in Shanghai
2011 Modern Ceramics, Pavsaris, Lithuania
2009 Camard Associes, Paris, France
2007 International Exhibition of Modern Ceramics, Jingdezhen, China
2006 European Ceramic Context, Bornholm, Denmark
2004 International Emerging Ceramic Artists Invitational, Fuping,China
2004 Keramik Dieser Welt, Koblenz, Germany

  • International Juried Exhibitions

2014 Westerwald Prize, Germany
2014 Mino, Japan, Honorable Mention
2013 Faenza, Italy 2010 Mixed Media, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
2009 At the Moment, Kapfenberg, Austria
2009 Wewsterwald Prize, Germany
2006 19-th Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics, Vallauris, France
2004 The First Taiwan Ceramics Biennale
2003 The Second Ceramics Biennale, Korea
2000 The Sixth Taiwan Golden Ceramics Award
2000 ALTEC Ceramics Biennal, South-Africa.

  • Solo Exhibitions

2013 Winter, Gallery HOP Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Maritime Museum,Tallinn, Estonia
2011 Gaby Freymann`s Gallery,Schweinheim, Germany
2011 Art Institute of Gzhel, Russia
2010 Gisela von zur Mühlen`s Gallery, Kassel, Germany
2007 Rathaus of Kuressaare, Estonia
2003 Gallery of the Diplomatic School in Bonn, Germany
1999 Gallery Fromme Contempora, Graz, Austria Since
1994 participated at workshops and conferences in Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Finland, USA, China, Croathia, New Zealand, etc

Speeches and Slideshows at NCECA, Ashville, Fairbanks University, USA, also at Kassel University, Germany.
At symposions in Zagreb, Auckland, Helsinki, Gmunden, Gzhel, Bonn, Haian, etc
Works in collections of Estonian Applied Art Museum; Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia; Art Museum of Monterrey, Mexico ;Auckland Museum, NZ; Art Museum of Amaroussin, Athens,Greece; Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan; Fuping Ceramics Museum, China; Noble Seafood Restaurant, Shanghai; Ashville Ceramics Centre, USA; and in private collections from Australia to Russia.
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